How do you find and engage the right people?


The Pro.file Performance System™ is a world class behavioural assessment technology combined with unique executive education and insights. It equips leaders, managers and human resource professionals to more effectively and efficiently identify, recruit and retain talented people to create and maintain high performance organisations.

Pro.file can assist organisations, teams and individuals. It also has applications beyond the professional - for example, it can be used to help couples and families understand each other’s drivers and innate traits.

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Resourceful humans

Worried that your business is not managing its HR requirements? Are employees complaining or asking for services/documentation you have not provided?

Role Affinity has a range of HR consulting, change management and employee assessment tools to help your business succeed. Its partnership with enablehr makes it particularly relevant to small businesses’ needs.

We help create high performance organisations

At Role Affinity, we specialise in making sure your business and your employees are a perfect fit. We are the only Australian company offering access to the Pro.file Performance System, which will help you find the right people for your business.

When you understand your employees’ (and potential employees’) strengths, weaknesses and motivators, you empower yourself and your business to do better and be better. More often than not, performance issues are a reflection of poor employee/role fit. We locate the problem and help you fix it.

We are Asia-Pacific agents for the Pro.file Performance SystemTM


Pro.file Organization benchmarks the behavioural traits required in a job and helps employers ensure they are hiring the best fit.


Pro.file People helps individuals to understand their strengths, weaknesses, motivators and stressors.


Great teams are made up of specialists. We help organisations make better informed decisions that result in high performing teams.

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