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Employee and Career Coaching

Get the most out of your team or grow professionally with our employee and career coaching services:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Transitional Coaching
    • Next Step – exiting a position or business
    • Entrepreneur – creating or running a business
    • Best Start – new starters in a business
    • Comeback – mothers returning from maternity leave
  • Virtual Coaching


What brings teams undone? Personalities. What brings teams together? You guessed it: Personalities!

Role Affinity’s Teams Workshop delivers the skills, knowledge and insight into how personalities and communication styles can positively or negatively impact team morale and results.

Performance management

We can assist with identifying and addressing underlying performance issues.

  • Find the right job fit
  • Understand employee roles
  • Address behavioural issues

Organisations are focused on aligning employees with organisational goals to boost productivity, retention and profitability. Most people are naturally driven to learn, perform and improve, so why is performance management such an uncomfortable task?

Employee performance management typically covers: skills and experience, competencies/abilities, education and knowledge and behaviors/attitude. Managers often struggle to find productive and practical ways of dealing with this wide variety of dimensions to assist their employees, especially when the most difficult, sensitive and biggest gap is behaviours and attitude.

How does Pro.file help?

Pro.file tools provide objective data to map the employee's preferred working style and compare it with how they are currently working. This reveals both synergies and conflicts that all too often lie at the heart of performance issues, and can can help start the conversation about job performance and fit. Pro.file personality assessments enable a focused and objective discussion around what can and cannot be done to better align the role with employee strengths.

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