Simple tools for complex issues

Role Affinity uses 3 unique tools, researched and developed over 20 years by Concord Consulting. Concord's aim was to make rigorous tools available to assist both employer and employee (or potential employee) to intelligently manage one of the most expensive employment costs: what would success look like in this role?

Firstly, its job modelling tool (Profile Job Fit) reveals the balance of 7 behavioural traits  required in a role. This forms the bedrock of the Position Description.

Secondly, its People Personality tool unearths applicants/employees’ own innate traits which can then, through the COMPARE function, make clear how close a fit there is between the role's requirements and how a person innately “prefers” to work.

Thirdly, Profile’s Communication tool details a person’s preferred communication style and how they can adapt it to suit differing circumstances and people. This is particularly valuable in teams.

These are empowering tools for both employer and employees, because self-knowledge leads to more effective self-management.

Know the personality you’re hiring with pre-employment tests

With Pro.file’s personality assessment tool and proprietary interpretation knowledge, you receive clear, accurate, and specific insight into an individual’s personality: their strengths, potential and motivations, what is natural for them and what they are likely to struggle with.  Find out exactly who you're hiring before you hire them, with our straightforward pre-employment personality test.

1 | Pre-employment testing

Applicants quickly and easily complete our online pre-employment personality assessment which provides employers with objective and very accurate results through our behavioral assessment tool.

2 | Graph and compare

Pre-employment test results are then compared against a job model (Pro.file Organization) which identifies where the gaps are between the person and the job.

3 | Review and consult

Finally, review the personality assessment results with a Pro.file trained consultant to dig into the employee assessment insights and implications represented in the graphical information.

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