Behavioural Analysis

The foundation of behavioural analysis a simple theory: behaviour is predictable.

That doesn’t mean we can completely predict how another person will always behave or react to a situation. We can, however, measure the predictability of behaviour over a longer time period, anticipating someone's behaviour in a role not over a day but over the course of a year.

Applying behavioural analysis in your business

Behavioural analysis is the process of assessing and defining an individual’s natural orientations, predispositions, and motivational factors. This is true for their approach to work and their approach to their social and personal relationships, both of which are critical for successful teams.

Some people are able to fairly easily “act out of preference” and behave differently to their innate traits. These people score highly on Adaptability – they are more resilient, able to manage stress more easily and actually enjoy change and variety. Successful teams, and successful businesses, require a mix of people with different personalities, as all people have value to offer...if they are in the right role.

Performance management

Role Affinity deals with many cases of performance management where Profile is quickly able to assess where the stress points are for an individual or across a team. We are able to compare a person’s preferred working style with how they are being required to work. All too often we see it with those high performers who have been rewarded with a promotion – into a job that required diametrically opposed traits to the ones that enabled them to succeed in their prior role! We can identify the issues and assist you to confidently work with your employees to create a better job fit.

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