I see huge benefits in using the tool to help individuals "fit" into a culture and for HR and Managers to profile positions to really understand what is required to be successful in a position, then match the candidate to the position based upon strengths required to successfully fulfil the position, still allowing some room of growth for the individual.

Pro.File also helps Organisational and L&D Teams to identify training needs for their organisation.  This is a tool that people really relate with and can help them to plan their career path, it's an excellent foundational platform to build your talent framework upon and I highly recommend organisations get on board with Pro.File Performance System if you are serious about reducing your onboarding costs and have a desire to recruit the right people for the role."

Michelle Nichol – Organisational Development Manager, TNT


"Sarah introduced our company to the Pro.file Performance System. I personally underwent the People Pro.file and found it very user friendly, and that it produced useful insights into current and prospective employees. We have now implemented the system throughout the entire company and it is providing us with the opportunity to redirect and manage staff to be more productive and contribute in meaningful roles.

The system works so well that it is used on all prospective employees and it is showing excellent results. The system, in conjunction with a consistent recruitment process gives me the confidence to assess if a candidate is suitable and what we should expect from them.

I cannot speak highly enough about the Pro.file Performance System. I recommend it for anyone who has to manage and hire staff, no matter the size of the organisation."

Wayne Borgelt – Pre-Cast Manager, North-Vic Constructions


“The team from Role Affinity have created a paradigm shift in our organisation in the way in which we manage the issue of professional development. The “Profile Performance System” is easily understood (pretty graphs), very descriptive (in layman’s terms) and provides all stakeholders with a better understanding of how to optimize the employee/employer relationship.”

Howard Yen – Operations Manager, Geofabrics


"The People Profiling Tool offered by Role Affinity provided clarity and insights around my strengths as an individual and importantly identified traits and behaviours that have assisted me with my own personal and professional development. I highly recommend this tool for any organisation investing in the development of its people and wanting to align individual strengths with roles and objectives."

Sean Cookson. Director – Corporate Development, Adrenalin


"I have found the tool to be immensely helpful in mapping the role and then comparing traits to the role. This tool is fantastic in meaningful discussions with existing staff as you can compare their profiles to the role and see where they would excel. Its is a great tool for future and current employees an I would highly recommend to any organisation." 

Daniela Scopizzi -  HR Business Partner, Gloria Jeans Coffees International


"One of the major causes of performance challenges at work stems from having people in the wrong roles. Role Affinity provides a useful tool for assessing the likely profile of particular roles. It also accurately assesses individual profiles (work style preferences). The profile of individual contenders for a role (or under-performers in a current role) can be easily matched against the role profile to determine fit. This can definitely not only increase productivity, but also reduce turnover!"

Dr Grant Robertson - Principal Consultant, UGM Consulting


"JobReady has found great insights in the Role Affinity tools and we value the assessments as an integral part of our recruitment process."

Marc Washbourne – Managing Director, JobReady


"As a recruiter with many years experience, I have been delighted to find a profiling tool that provides meaningful information to assist in making candidate selection decisions.  I have been able to work with clients to identify personality profiles for particular jobs that work well and we have been able to understand why some people are not performing as well as they should – they were often not suitable for the job in the first place.  Making Pro.File part of the recruitment process helps to reduce some of the uncertainty in recruitment and improve employment outcomes."

Nicole Hawick – Managing Director, Linked Consulting


"An insightful and easy to manage pre-employment screening test that supports my clients in finding the ‘best fit’ for their team as well as a guide to their new employee’s potential and development opportunities once they’re in the role. Supported by the Profile Performance System, my clients can make the right recruitment decision the first time, offering them both time and cost savings in their business."

Michelle Lucas – Principal, HR Logic


"I have found that although I had a reasonably good insight into what I thought were my strengths, actually seeing the profile and discussing the implications with Carmel gave me greater confidence in who I am and what I have to offer.  I no longer feel apologetic for some of my strengths and can see how I can use them to better advantage."

Carole Hancock – Director, Carole Hancock Consulting


"The Role Affinity tool gave me the clearest insight ever into my professional and personal profile. It helped match my profile in comparison to my teammates perfectly and built an understanding of how, personally, I work under best conditions and how, as a team member, I can support my group to perform to the highest level. I would not hesitate in recommeding the tool for any Recruitment purposes and team bonding excercises. The questions were relevant and the system itself very user-friendly."

Paul Mitry – Senior Account Manager


"Thank you for 2 wonderful days of Pro.file Training!  I think this training has been the most interesting and relevant I have ever been involved in and it’s amazing how accurate the tool is!  I also enjoyed meeting you; you are such an engaging presenter…"

Jenny Colla.  Gloria Jeans Coffees. Franchise Management.